Formed  out of a desire to specialize in an bath and body cosmetics industry that we are passionate about, and to offer a more strategic approach to design. We are able to provide our clients with personalized service direct from the principals of the business.
We offer a unique mix of strategic and creative services, underpinned by a strong commercial understanding of the bath and body cosmetics industry.
We understand industry and the unique challenges that you face. We follow a professional process that ensures a consistent approach to solving these challenges.
We have gained huge experience in company brand identity creation, packaging, labels, web page and POS materials design field, our team members throughout 10 years have been worked in several advertising agencies as a team leaders and graphic designers with passion to photography.
We also have specialized technical knowledge of the packaging and labels production process and good relationships with the packaging supply chains and also printing houses. We oversee the packaging and labels production process for our clients, saving time and stress, reducing the risks of costly mistakes, and ensuring a good result that maximizes production budget.



A holistic system, united by common visual attributes - graphic, color and compositional, which reveal the ideological basis and essence of its brand.

What is it needed for?

Competent execution, thoughtfulness and inner meaning embedded in each of its components creates create an original, expressive and memorable look of the company, giving strategic value to the significance of its brand. It is the basis of the company's communication policy and the main way to fight for the preferences of the target audience.

What are the tasks for business?

Promotes memorability of the brand at the emotional and subconscious level. Forms the necessary impression of consumers at the first contact with the company. Increases the effectiveness of investments in the advertising campaign, as it provides its integrity and recognizability.

What does it consist of?

• Logo, company block (Business cards, letterheads);
• Slogan of the company, motto;
• Corporate colors;
• Corporate fonts;
• Styling graphics: graphic elements, patterns, textures, patterns;
• Scheme of layout and principles of layout of graphic elements.



The logo is one of the most important elements of the company's visual identifier system. Ordering it means getting the main bearer of the brand image in any communication environment.

What is it needed for?

A powerful marketing tool to influence the target audience, designed to achieve uniqueness and recognition of the brand.
It is easy and quick to remember your product ( brand) at the emotional and subconscious level.
Helps the company to stand out successfully in a competitive field.


Cosmetic with your logo


Packaging, design, labels



Packaging is one of the most important brand touchpoints, and sometimes the only communication tool of the brand. It is very important that all packaging design elements produce the right impression and work effectively for the benefit of the brand

It is important that the design is consistent with the positioning of the brand, the preferences of its target audience and the characteristics of the market.

Effective package design can significantly improve the brand's competitiveness, significantly reduce advertising costs and even bring the product to the market without additional communication costs.

Packaging design as one of the basic tools of effective marketing is directly responsible for attracting attention, the level of awareness of your consumer and, as a consequence, the level of sales of your product. The following indicators meet the effectiveness of the developed solution in the field of packaging design of your product.

Effective packaging design should form a unique image that will further promote the brand and in the long run will save advertising, PR-brand activities and stimulate sales.


Photographers of our studio also true fans of their work, creativity and professionalism for which are inseparable. Our photostudio united just such completely devoted to the creative work of specialists.

An important aspect of objective photography is correct lighting. A good professional is always distinguished by competent work with the light.

To create original high-quality photos our excellent photographers who will embody in the photos the most daring and improbable ideas will help you and will lead an ideal processing of technically complex photos.

If you need really high-quality photo processing, please contact our studio, and be assured of the quality and reliability of our works, as we cooperate only with professionals who know and love their work.





Creation, designing and printing of different materials for points of sale (POS). Those are materials promoting goods or trademarks in points of sale – wobblers, shelf talkers, posters, promotion stands, dispenser, plastic shopping counters, floor stickers and others. Those materials are spread in shopping places. POS materials help to attract additional attention and improve promoting of good.

Point of Sale (POS) materials are used for executing advertising campaigns, exhibitions and presentations. As an effective marketing tool, well thought out and properly presented POS materials attract consumer attention and promote the brand. Due to their appealing and informative nature, POS materials are capable of stimulating purchases directly at the point of sale.




We offer services in design, print and development of a variety of POS materials including the following:

• Wobblers;
• Shelf-talkers;
• Stoppers;
• Price tags;
• Packaging;
• Promotional stands;
• Roll-stands;
• Banners;
• Hard posters, etc.


Print design



Printed materials are a simple and accessible way to convey information to partners, consumers and colleagues. At the same time, the functionality of printed materials is practically unlimited: they can be used both in the document circulation of the company and for advertising purposes. Even a small leaflet, executed with taste, can largely determine the success of marketing campaigns or business negotiations.

The design of printing products can include both the creation of a new image of marketing materials, and the application of an already existing corporate style to a certain type of printed products.

Our team of highly qualified designers and artists will offer their design concept and develop several variants of the design layout of various types of promotional and promotional materials:

• Leaflet, Flyer;
• Booklet, Brochure, Catalog;
• Folder;
• The Calendar;
• Business Card;
• Stand;
• Poster;
• Card;
• Notebook;
• The Envelope;
• Letterhead;
• Diploma, Etc.



the creation of a website is a great opportunity to tell thousands of people about your business using the Internet. Our specialists will help you with this. We can make a website according to your wishes or we will offer you our design.

Logrus develops websites for various companies and projects - from the simplest business card websites to large corporate websites. We will develop the corporate identity and logo of your company and make your site interesting, convenient, beautiful and sellable.

Types of sites:

• Business card site;
• Corporate website;
• Online store;
• Information site;
• Promo-site.


Web design