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BODY Body care cosmetics manufacturers

A woman is beautiful at any age. The desire for beauty is in her nature. In order to be always on top, no matter how old you are, you need to look after your body. Each of the fair sex will find a suitable product among the products of our company, because we manufacture cosmetics for any skin type.


FACE Beauty skin products

It is important to clean face regularly. Facial skin also needs to be taken care of. Face creams regulates skin’s moisture level and helps to balance its functions. Our products helps to maintain the ideal cleanness of facial skin. It is essential to ensure that skin is breathing through the pores "deeply", staying young, beautiful and healthy.


HAIR Hair products manufacturer

Shampoo with creamy consistence gently cleans hair and gives shine and pleasant smell. Facilitates setting of hair. Beauty vitamin (pro-vitamin B5) and aloe extract increase elasticity of hair. Paraben-free.

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SHOWER Shower gels, oils, mousses

Be clean and smell clean! Get shower regularly with appropriate body care products. Several of kinds of flavors. Shower cosmetics will let to plunge into the incredible feelings. Each of our product is designed with care for skin.


BATH Cita Lieta cosmetics bath bombs

In the wide range of assortment presented the unique products based on natural ingredients. All of them are tested for different dermatological skin type’s compatibility. In addition, our products are created with love and care. Bathing procedures cleans body and soul.


RITUALS Natural and organic products

An essential oils might call as plant souls. It is wonderful to feel fantastic smell, inhale it and enjoy it. Recommended to use in bath, bathhouse or sauna.



Hand and surface disinfectants are perfect for personal hygiene and for cleaning in areas like hospitals, livestock, food and beverage. These quality disinfectants provide exceptional sanitizing and disinfecting power against bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi. They has been tested very effective against the H1N1 virus group and are completely harmless for skin.