Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil body care products for your brand

The growing interest in Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil body care products can be explained by the fact that, first, consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and want to use the most natural body care cosmetics possible. Second, compared to other raw materials and oils, such as olive, avocado and coconut oils, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is rich in essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 and has a high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins: A, B1, B3, B4, B6 and E, proteins, beta carotene and minerals. Bearing in mind the growing trend which is expected to increase even more, cosmetics manufacturer Cita Lieta Ltd. has developed Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil body care formulas that can be adjusted to any cosmetics brand, adapting product packaging, developing labels for customer branding needs and integrating our products into the company's overall image. More information about possible cooperation: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is especially valuable in the care of various skin types and prevention of skin issues; furthermore, the oil boosts a soothing effect and acts as an emollient to smooth out the texture of rough skin. It is also perfect for dehydrated, mature, irritated and tired skin, as well as for the care of fragile and brittle hair.

Currently, we have developed six product formulas:

CANNABIS body lotion  CANNABIS body lotion is a unique essence specially created for your skin restoring lost elasticity, keeping skin soft and leaving with a light and delicate aroma.
CANNABIS shower gel  CANNABIS shower gel gently cleanses, rejuvenates, simultaneously moisturizes and softens the skin, making a daily shower an enjoyable adventure
CANNABIS liquid soap  CANNABIS liquid soap for effective and gentle hand washing. Made from the highest quality ingredients based on hemp seed oil, aloe vera extract and panthenol.
CANNABIS protective hand cream  CANNABIS protective hand cream is a rich formula with a unique composition of ingredients based on hemp seed oil, coconut oil, aloe vera extract and panthenol.

Our hair care line includes such hair care products as the following:

CANNABIS shampoo CANNABIS shampoo restores, strengthens and gives hair great volume 
CANNABIS conditioner  CANNABIS conditioner contains ingredients that give hair volume and shine for a perfect hairstyle and appearance


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