Solid cosmetics – a revolutionary approach to environmental protection

Liquid cosmetics mostly contain up to 80% water and its packaging is made of plastic, creating pollution in the green area and affecting the living space of humanity. Solid cosmetics have several advantages, they contain a small amount of water and more environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging with a tendency to decompose quickly.

Bearing in mind the principle of environmental protection and the wide demand for solid cosmetics, the cosmetics manufacturer Cita Lieta Ltd. has created formulas for solid cosmetics for body, facial and hair care. The company offers a unique opportunity for the formulas of the developed products, allowing to adapt any desired raw material, observing the ideology of the cosmetics brand and production requirements. It is also possible to adjust not only the product packaging, but also to develop any labels according to the requirements of each brand.

The range of newly created solid cosmetics includes hair, face and body care products.

The line of hair care cosmetics consists of the following:

Gentle and moisturizing shampoo makes hair beautiful and shiny. The shampoo contains chamomile extract, cocoa and shea butter, creating gentle care and deep hydration, while the exquisite shampoo aromas - amor, passion fruit and lemongrass, will provide a real pleasure. Conditioner with juicy peach aroma, created for intensive hair hydration. The valuable natural almond oil contained in it restores damaged hair.
Solid shampoo Solid conditioner



The facial care product line includes the following:


Detox face mask with charcoal cleanses the skin and removes impurities, while coconut, macadamia and hemp oil intensely moisturize the skin. Moisturizing face cream containing valuable cocoa and murumura butter nourishes the skin after each application.
Solid detox mask Face moisturizer bar
Facial cleanser cleanses the skin from dirt accumulated throughout the day in a particularly gentle but effective way, ensuring a fresh and healthy look. The oil-based cosmetic remover removes cosmetics without interfering with the skin's natural moisture. Such ingredients as argan, cocoa butter and lemon peel oil soothe and nourish the skin, leaving it velvety and nourished.
Face cleanser Solid make up remover



The body care product line consists of the following:

Solid deodorant that absorbs unpleasant aromas, providing a feeling of freshness and comfort. Included potato starch, coconut and tea tree oil moisturize and sooth dry or irritated skin. Shower oil provides gentle skin cleansing, which is especially suitable for sensitive skin care. The cocoa butter ensures formation of a skin barrier, thus protecting the skin from moisture loss. The oil is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy sensation...
Solid deodorant Solid shower oil
Body scrub that cleanses the skin and removes dead skin cells. Scrub abrasive particles from strawberry seeds cleanse the skin and improve blood circulation, resulting in the breakdown of subcutaneous fat, which helps fight cellulite. The coconut oil richly moisturizes the skin.    
Solid body scrub  


Cita Lieta Ltd. has operated as a wholesaler of cosmetic products since 2005, offering the production and wholesale of solid and other natural cosmetic products at wholesale prices.