Cosmetic oils - a multifunctional beauty product

By choosing natural body care products such as cosmetic oils, you will forever forget about the problems associated with the condition of the skin. The advantages of cosmetic oils over other body care products are extremely extensive, because they can be used not only in daily facial care routines, hair care and body skin care, but also in various wrapping and relaxing body procedures which, thanks to the cosmetic oils, now can easily be done at home. 

Cosmetic oils by Cita Lieta LTD for your beauty and health.

 Cita Lieta LTD has developed a wide line of cosmetic oils consisting of nine rich oils that can be used both as an excellent and valuable body care product and as an aid for intensive hair care and nourishment.

Apricot kernel cosmetic oil is recommended for daily care of dry, sensitive, thin or dehydrated skin, as well as for the care of damaged skin after sunburn, exposure to wind or frost.


     Argan cosmetic oil is also known worldwide as one of the most valuable, expensive and rarest oils, rich  in natural vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, which have a moisturizing, skin rejuvenating and smoothing effect.

Apricot kernel cosmetic oil


Argan cosmetic oil

Avocado or beauty oil stands out with its natural vitamins and saturated fatty acids; it perfectly moisturizes, stimulates collagen production and acts as a strong, cell-renewing complex. The oil is suitable for massage procedures, daily care of hair and body skin, especially around eyelids and neck. 


Cannabis seed cosmetic oil contains natural vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. It has a nourishing, moisturizing, smoothing, soothing and anti-aging effect; this oil can also be used to strengthen and restore hair and nails.

Avocado cosmetic oil


Cosmetic oil Cannabis

Jojoba cosmetic oil is particularly rich in vitamin E and has anti-inflammatory, nourishing, deeply moisturizing and skin cell regenerating effects. Suitable for daily hair and body skin care. Recommended for dry, coloured, brittle hair and any type of skin, but especially for dry, inflamed, scaly skin. The oil has a great effect on the care of aged, tired, withered skin, wrinkles around eyes and treatment of problematic skin. Jojoba oil can be used in the preparation or enrichment of various cosmetics.


     Cactus cosmetic oil excites the world of beauty; it has an intensely moisturizing, rejuvenating and skin smoothing effect and it stands out with its wide application in massage procedures and also daily hair and skin care. 

Cosmetic oil Jojoba


Cosmetic oil Prickly Pear

Grape seed oil is also called base oil, containing many natural vitamins and fatty acids. It stands out with a particularly deep moisturizing, smoothing and toning effect. Suitable for massage procedures, daily hair and skin care. Grape seed oil is suitable for all skin types but will be especially effective for oily and combination skin due to its non-clogging properties.


      Almond cosmetic oil is an excellent natural skin moisturizer with natural vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants and a rejuvenating, nourishing and moisturizing effect.

Cosmetic oil Grapeseed


Cosmetic oil Sweet Almond

Macadamia nut oil with natural vitamins, fatty acids and minerals boosts nourishing, moisturizing and anti-aging effect. Suitable for massage procedures, daily hair and skin care. Recommended for dry and brittle hair and any type of skin, but especially for dry, scaly skin. 


Cosmetic oil Macadamia