Caring for the beauty and health of the skin in the sunny season of the year

The World Health Organization classifies ultraviolet radiation as a group I carcinogen. The number of non-melanocyte skin tumours and melanomas has been growing rapidly over the last 25 years, so scientists and experts from the World Health Organization pay more attention to the time spent in the sun without harm to the health.

How to stay in the sun without harming the skin?

Based on studies carried out by scientists from the American Cancer Association, the safest time to sunbathe is in the morning from 9.00 to 11.00 am and in the evening from 4.00 to 7.00 pm. During this time, the effects of ultraviolet radiation are reduced the most. Before going out in the sun you should use special protective products for hair and skin. They are unable to completely neutralise the negative effect, but significantly reduce it.

Expert advice on the use of sunscreen

The main function of sunscreen is to protect the skin from damage. However, it does not mean that the skin will not be tanned. Most of the rays affecting the skin will be reflected by the protective components in the creams. Professors at Harvard Medical School recommend sunscreens for skin cancer prevention, including melanoma prevention, as demonstrated in cohort studies and in prospective randomised trials. People willing to prevent the effects of sun ageing would still benefit from habits protecting from the sun that include sunscreen, sun protective clothing and avoiding sunlight. Facial sunscreens are applied to clean, dry skin once a day before applying cosmetic products. Beauty experts recommend applying the day cream first and then one of the SPF products. In order for the sunscreen to fully perform its protective function, it must be fully absorbed into the skin.

Cita Lieta Ltd. sunscreen line

Taking care of the health and youth of your skin, the cosmetics manufacturer Cita Lieta Ltd. has developed the formulas of the sunscreen line:


Sun protection oil SPF 15 and 30 – for effective protection against the harmful effects of UVB and UVA radiation. Intended for healthy, sensitive and/or untanned skin. Almond oil improves skin colour, giving it a golden glow and delaying skin ageing processes.   Sun protection lotion SPF 30 – which has lighter texture but provides a high level of protection from the harmful effects of UVB and UVA radiation on sensitive or untanned skin. The complex of panthenol, aloe and avocado oil perfectly restores the skin, ensures moisture level, and prevents dryness.
 Sun protection oilSun protection oil

   Body lotion

Facial sunscreen SPF 30 - Protective face and body cream ensures high level protection against ultraviolet rays. Besides, thanks to the containing avocado oil and treatment features of aloe extract and panthenol , skin is soothed, its natural moisture level is maintained and skin regeneration ability is increased. 

  After sun cooling gel - An effective gel for cooling and moisturizing the skin after sun bathing and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Aloe and panthenol soothes and heals irritated skin, while argan oil deeply moisturizes and softens it. The pleasant feeling of coolness on the skin is preserved for a long time after use.
Sunblock cream    Cooling gel

After sun soothing lotion for Face & Body - Rich texture soothing lotion calms and relieves the skin that has been overexposed to the sun. The complex of aloe, panthenol and shea butter boosts skin cell's regeneration while Almond and Coconut oil nourish the skin, rejuvenate skin cells, restore elasticity and delay the general signs ageing. 

  After sun soothing body spray - Light texture spray deeply moisturizes and softens the skin irritated by the sun. The complex of aloe and panthenol will promote the regeneration of the skin cells and strenghten its protective functions.  
Lotion for Face & Body   Body spray


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