Bath bombs. High-quality skin care in one bomb

Bath bombs

The skin needs hydration. Specialty bath products such as aromatic bubble balls nourish the skin.

Most people use bath bombs while bathing. This product helps prevent dry skin and helps to relax while taking a warm bath, and natural skin care contract manufacturing makes it possible to make custom bombs.

Bath Bomb Ingredients

When choosing bubble bath bombs, you should give preference to the natural cosmetics manufacturer. Natural cosmetics has a very low content of chemical enzyme. It helps to heal the skin, make it elastic and velvety without negative effects on the skin.

Private label skin care companies use quality raw materials and proven technology. Cooperation with such companies is an excellent opportunity for business development.


Thanks to the use of essential oils of tea tree, sage, eucalyptus, bombs are excellent for aromatherapy. This product helps to relax, improve sleep quality, and eliminate anxiety and anxiety. Bath bombs with almond, peach or grape seed oil are used for beauty treatments. When bath bombs with plant components are dissolved in water, the surface of the water is covered with essential oils, which creates an inhalation effect. Bath bombs help relieve stress, refresh and leave your skin feeling velvety.

Types of bath bombs

  • Bath bombs with essential oils. Suitable for dry skin. Bathing with such products replenishes the lack of moisture.
  • Foaming bath bombs. Used for relaxation. These balls help to moisturize and relax the body.
  • Geysers. Most of the ingredients in this product are skin-friendly, for example:

Our Cita Lieta bath bombs factory produces all types of balls. There are numerous shapes, aromas, colors to choose from. Packing can be chosen depending on the customer's preference.

The bubbling bath bombs made by Cita Lieta are a great way to delight yourself.