Production of natural cosmetics under own brand with the Cita Lieta Company’s assistance

natural cosmetics manufacturer Cita Lieta

Contract cosmetics manufacturers can start to make products under their own brand and offer them to their target audience.

Create your organic beauty brand with Cita Lieta

Natural cosmetics manufacture under your own brand – it’s an opportunity to fulfil your potential in a new business and offer the market a product in demand. Original composition, presentable packaging - all these make cosmetic products in demand. We have all the necessary equipment for you to become a contract cosmetics manufacturer, perfectly suitable for different skin types.

Composition of natural cosmetic products

Organic care products contain minerals and components of plant or animal origin. All materials shall necessarily go through numerous processes, from filtration to drying and sifting. The use of modern methods enables to preserve useful substances, vitamins and nutritional value.

Completely natural cosmetic products do not exist, but there are products with the least possible use of chemical enzymes. This allows for elimination of harmful effect on the skin and makes it healthier.

Contract cosmetics manufacturers use the following ingredients: aloe vera, honey, papaya, argan or rosehip oil, and tea tree.

In addition to materials of animal and plant-based origin, the ingredients include:

  • sea components;
  • inorganic salts and oxides derived from minerals;
  • natural emollients, dyes, emulsifiers;
  • multivitamins, collagen and retinol.
  • natural active ingredients and preservative agents.

Manufacture of cosmetics

Cita Lieta produces organic products for end consumers on a par with major cosmetic formulation companies. Our management, sales, research, development and monitoring departments improve our production processes in order to obtain high quality products at a competitive price on the market.

You will be able to manufacture the following natural cosmetics under your brand:

  • bath bombs;
  • soaps;
  • essential and cosmetic oils;
  • body scrubs;
  • skin and hair care products, etc.

We are all stages leaders of cosmetics manufacture - from concept proposal to package selection. Besides, we provide monitoring including a complete quality analysis of our products.

What you get is: our experience, your ownership of our production and a guarantee of 100% quality products that contain no chemical or inorganic raw materials. All products are manufactured in clean rooms in strict compliance with current hygiene laws.