Honey use in bath and sauna

sauna honey

The benefits of natural products for skin care.

You can buy thousands of cosmetic products in stores, but not all of them are equally valuable for your health. Choose cosmetics of natural origin to maintain your beauty for years to come. This applies in particular to natural sauna honey. Its beneficial properties have been known to people since antiquity, not in vain the tradition of bee breeding has survived through many centuries to the present day.

We offer natural products for skin care with carefully selected formulations without hazardous ingredients. We provide not only handmade soaps, shampoos, conditioners, but also sauna honey containing healing herbal additives. Be sure to put it to work for you to be convinced of its unique health benefits! If you wish, you can order a gift wrapping.

Sauna honey application is very simple. Take a small amount of product from the jar, apply it by an even thin layer on your skin, and rinse it in 5-7 minutes. Such cosmetic procedures are very useful before going to the steam room in the sauna.

Useful properties of sauna honey

We have included the following natural ingredients in this wonderful beauty product: honey, essential oils of peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, lecithin, extracts of aloe vera, chamomile flowers, calendula. All of these ingredients have a value proven over the centuries.

Use sauna honey regularly to achieve amazing effects. You will notice that:

  • skin dryness and tightness after washing and skin peeling will be reduced;
  • small wounds and cracks will heal faster, because honey and medicinal herbs contain healing components;
  • skin appearance will improve: it will look healthy and fresh and increase elasticity;
  • cellulite “orange peel” in problem areas will become less noticeable due to improved blood circulation.

Such cosmetic procedures on skin produce very pleasant sensation. At the same time you can enjoy the aroma of the natural product, and its gentle texture. After the first use you will notice how much the skin condition of the whole body improved.

Choose useful cosmetic products with reduced content of inorganic additives to maintain your beauty and health for many years to come!