Luxury fragrances and perfect care - Shower gel wholesale from Cita Lieta

Shower gels

Shower gel wholesale from Cita Lieta – Luxury fragrances and perfect care. Shower Gels and Body Wash are a basic must-have for any cosmetic crafter.

Quality and beauty in body care products

Shower gels by Cita Lieta are high quality and provide gentle care. The body gel not only takes care of the skin, but also provides comfort and a good mood.

Cita Lieta was established in Latvia in 2005 and manufactures cosmetic body care products. We export to 47 countries, including Russia, France, Italy, Australia, Canada.

Only high-quality raw materials on a natural basis are used for the production of cosmetics. We control the entire production process using state-of-the-art techniques and devices. Our own cosmetics laboratory makes it possible to create unique bath and body products according to original and even individual formulas.

All stages of the development and production of cosmetics are coordinated by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience.

The shower gel gently cares for the skin

The range includes several types of shower gels. They come in 200g and 250g PET bottles, including a micellar shower gel. We pay great attention to the attractive packaging. It is concise, stylish, and has several variations depending on the color of the cap.

The body gel is suitable for all age groups and skin types. The cosmetics are made from raw materials that are not harmful to the skin and have gentle properties. The shower gel foams well and perfectly cleans the skin, turning the daily hygiene process into a pleasant ritual. The shower gel also has other positive features:

  • has a toning, moisturising and softening effect
  • delicate texture gives skin elasticity and softness
  • does not dry or irritate the skin, it can be used every day
  • high percentage of natural components
  • cleanses well and does not leave a film on the skin
  • economic in use - bottle lasts long enough
  • the price of the gel corresponds to its high-quality features.

The fragrances of the shower gels should be mentioned separately. They are bright, exciting and at the same time gentle and unobtrusive. The subtle scent of a pleasant fragrance lasts for several hours. There are several types of fragrances available, so it's easy to choose the right one.

The shower gel has an invigorating effect in the morning and improves your mood and reduces fatigue in the evening.

Consumers who have been introduced to Cita Lieta products note their high quality characteristics and have the intention to buy again. We supply shower gel in bulk (wholesale) to many countries. Using our body care products, you will give your skin comfort and yourself a good mood.