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Body care products

Bath foam helps us not only to cleanse our skin well, but also to relax and enjoy a standard hygiene treatment. To turn bathing into a real beauty ritual, bubbly bath bombs are used.

A wide range of unique products based on natural ingredients. The products are tested by dermatologists, for different skin types. In addition, our products are created with love and care. Cita Lieta stands for many years of experience and scientific expertise in testing and developing new cosmetic products.

Bath cosmetics

Bath foam contains special substances that help cleanse your skin and open its pores, making it more receptive to skin care products such as scrubs, creams, tonics and lotions. It has a moisturising and emollient effect, normalises the outflow of lymph, and improves blood circulation. It contains emollients and essential oils, vegetable extracts. There are berry, fruit, floral and herbal products with a pleasant smell and interesting coloring.

Bath bombs are a dry mixture based on baking soda and citric acid. The bubbles dissolve in water with a hiss and bubbling sound, filling the space with scent and fragrance. The bicarbonate of soda normalizes cellular metabolism and the citric acid draws toxins out through the skin cells, exfoliating and purifying. Cosmetic oils nourish and soften it, and affect your mood with scents.

Bath salt are recommended not only for beauty but also for health. It is based on sea salt with minerals and iodine. It stimulates tissue regeneration and improves skin elasticity. It has a relaxing effect on muscles. When rubbed into the skin it acts as a mild scrub, effectively cleansing pores of impurities. Sea salt also has a bactericidal effect on the body, provides it with useful microelements, and helps to reduce swelling by eliminating excess fluid. It improves blood circulation and microcirculation.

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