Chocolate face mask: the benefits

Chocolate face mask

Chocolate mask has a vitamin complex that is beneficial. Treatments with these cosmetics contain minimal enzymes and moisturise and rejuvenate the face.

Application of the chocolate face and body mask

Chocolate mask suitable for all skin types regardless of the problem. If the face is tired, the mask can provide a firming effect that flows smoothly inside the skin. And if the face is dry, it will moisturise for a long time. For the normal type it will have a good cosmetic effect as it maintains the tone.

If you have oily skin, Cita Lieta advises against using this cosmetic product. However, if the cosmetic product contains drying ingredients, any degree of oilyness is not a hindrance to use.

When you apply the product to your face for the first time, keep the layer for no more than 5 minutes and then rinse it off.

Allergic reactions are rare, as the cosmetics contain ingredients that are gentle on the skin and will make you feel velvety without causing any damage.

The benefits of a chocolate mask

The product contains natural cocoa beans, which contain vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the skin and refresh it. After applying the mask, the face takes on a pleasant colour, as the cosmetic product from our company contains vitamins. And thanks to the production of collagen, activated by theobromine, the surface will become supple and soft.

Useful properties:

  1. Contains caffeine, which tones the coating;
  2. Chocolate contains tryptophan, which protects the surface of the face from negative external factors;
  3. It is a mood-enhancing remedy, thanks to its phenylethylamine;
  4. Glucose moisturises the surface of the face;
  5. Vanilla is involved in softening.

The beneficial properties of the cosmetic cure and the darker the product in the mask, the more powerful are its antioxidant properties.

To moisturise and rejuvenate any type of skin with an effective cosmetic product, you can contact us at Cita Lieta. Our company is ready to advise not only on the useful properties and application of this product, but also on other cosmetic products that have a favourable effect on the cover. The shop's products will revitalise the skin and give a pleasant tone, allowing a girl to stay beautiful and take care of herself properly.