Are handmade cosmetics good for your skin?

Handmade cosmetics

We will tell you what contract cosmetics manufacturers offer, why handmade products are good for your skin and what ingredients natural cosmetics manufacturer Cita Lieta uses.

Many cosmetics companies use different chemical ingredients in their formulations. They allow for a better effect at a minimum cost. Such cosmetics may be more long-lasting, but their benefit to the skin is questionable. Preservatives, emulsifiers and other chemical ingredients cause irritation, dryness and deterioration of the skin's barrier function.

A natural cosmetics manufacturer, Cita Lieta, could be a counterpart to large companies. The brand uses minimal amounts of chemical ingredients in its cosmetic products, making them useful and safe.


The differences between handmade cosmetics

Cita Lieta products contain a minimum amount of chemical, synthetic and toxic ingredients. This solution increases the cost of cosmetics, but offers several important advantages:

  • Minimal harm. Our products do not dry or irritate the skin and are gentle on it;
  • Eco-friendliness. All production stages are carried out in such a way as to reduce the negative impact on the planet's ecology;
  • Individual approach. Hand-crafting each product requires great craftsmanship and knowledge of many subtleties. Therefore, all cosmetics produced in this way are exclusive and one-of-a-kind;

All handmade cosmetics are made from ingredients that are gentle on the skin, so they are as gentle on the skin as possible. Not only does it not harm your skin, but it also helps to revitalise it. Over time, your skin will become healthy and velvety. When you switch from conventional cosmetics to handmade ones, you'll immediately feel the difference: nothing will restrain your face, on the contrary, you'll feel free and refreshed.

Cita Lieta, like other contract cosmetics manufacturers, tries to minimise the amount of unnatural ingredients in its products. Our products contain extracts of natural fruits, medicinal herbs, aromatic spices, oils and other safe natural ingredients.