Moisturising products are one of the basics of body care

Moisturizing body gel

Moisturising body care products should be used daily, regardless of skin type. The basic range of body care products includes gel, cream and milk.

Moisturising is a care routine that people need, regardless of age or skin type. That's why moisturising body care products should always be in your cosmetic bag and bathroom.

Why do you need moisturising products

Let's find out why moisture is so important to our bodies. Water is the basis of complete metabolism and oxygenation of tissues. Proper hydration keeps the skin youthful, tones it and gives it a healthy colour and glow.

Owners of excessively dry skin know how unpleasant this is:

  • a constant feeling of tightness;
  • burning and irritation;
  • flaking;
  • a dull complexion.

This is because lack of moisture depletes the epidermis's hydrolipidic layer, which has protective properties. The skin becomes vulnerable to environmental factors.

A distinction must be made between "dryness" and "dehydration". Dry skin is a hereditary trait. To correct dryness, permanent, professionally selected care is required.

Dehydration is caused by the negative impact of environmental factors - wind, cold. The condition is temporary and requires replenishing the lack of moisture from the inside and outside, using moisturising body care products.

Professional products for moisturising

Folk remedies and creams sold in mass-market products cannot provide complete, deep moisturising. There is no such thing as all-natural cosmetics, contrary to advertising claims. All face, hand and body care products contain chemicals.

But there are professional-grade cosmetics that are:

  • contains gentle ingredients;
  • contains a minimum of chemical enzymes;
  • makes the skin smooth, velvety and saturated with moisture.

Cita Lieta offers you a range of care products - moisturising body gel, creams and lotions, tonics. We produce therapeutic cosmetics that provide deep, long-lasting hydration. The main component of our products is hyaluronic acid. It has a hydrophilic effect, retains water in the epidermis and slows down its evaporation.

Our company will help you find a full-body moisturising complex. Contact us for a consultation, purchase care products and enjoy your healthy skin.