How to choose a face cream

Face cream manufacturer

The need for regular use of cosmetics does not appear with the first wrinkles, but during adolescence.

ven during puberty, skin problems appear that should not be ignored, only then will the skin remain smooth, velvety and healthy. A face cream is a base that should be part of your daily care routine from the age of 14 onwards. The only thing is that, over time, you need to change products depending on the age of the user and the condition of the skin.

A properly chosen facial cream helps with the following problems:

  • hydration - filling the dermis with moisture and ensuring water balance, which preserves the elasticity of the dermis and prolongs youthfulness;
  • nourishing - supplying skin cells with essential nutrients, amino acids, minerals and vitamins to restore cells and maintain a youthful, healthy complexion;
  • slowing down the process of skin ageing, fighting small wrinkles by filling the skin with collagen and other beneficial components;
  • Smoothening the colour and smoothing the skin; - protection - obtaining a protective barrier against various environmental influences that can worsen the condition of the skin.

Careful attention is required for combination skin types. For care, different products for different types of epidermis or special products with special balanced ingredients should be used.

Face cream manufacturer Cita Lieta

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