Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Beautiful bubbly bubbles, also known as bath bombs, can turn an ordinary bath into a spa treatment. Here we reveal the secret of the bath bomb factory of their proper usage.

The key function of this cosmetic product is to rebalance the skin and create a relaxing effect. The aesthetic pleasure of bathing is enhanced by bombs with special colouring and glitter. However, it is important to choose carefully and not to get involved with dishonest manufacturers who use low-quality special effects.

How bath bombs are useful?

They have a gentle exfoliating effect, getting rid of dead cells, improve blood circulation, effectively soothe inflamed areas of dermis, provide antibacterial protection, make the skin surface soft and smooth. Bath bombs can help relieve stress and tension, or conversely, recharge your body by infusing your bathroom with a special aroma with a range of therapeutic effects.

Compacted spa balls can be conventionally divided into three groups:

  • Hypoallergenic. Contains no artificial fragrances or colourings.
  • Fragranced. Contains essential oils or aphrodisiacs.
  • Foaming. Contains a foaming agent.

IMPORTANT!!! Unlike the others, the foam balls must be thrown into the bathtub as soon as the water starts to flow. This will produce lush and firm foam.

The bath bombs factory recommends paying attention to the composition, expiry date and the integrity of the packaging when choosing these care products. When buying bath bombs, it is important to make sure that the product does not contain any ingredients that may cause allergies. It is recommended to perform an allergy test before use. To do this, dissolve a small part of the bubbly ball in a container of warm water and put your hand in it for 3-5 minutes. If no redness or itching occurs during this time, you can safely take the spa treatment.

Our Company uses only natural ingredients in the production of bath bombs and offers completely safe and healthy care products.

Cita Lieta Cosmetics bath bombs:

  • help you relax after a day’s work,
  • improve your sleep,
  • tone your muscles,
  • have a beneficial effect on the skin, cleansing and revitalising it,
  • increase sensuality, filling the bathroom with a pleasant fragrance,
  • restor your psycho-emotional well-being.

Cita Lieta Cosmetics bath bombs are a spa treatment that is available for self-use and can serve as a great gift for friends or relatives.