Natural Essential Oils Manufacturing

Essential Oil

Essential oil is manufactured by extraction from different parts of plants. Aroma oil refers to essential oils, but has a bright, rich scent and is made in specialised laboratories.

Essential oil is not manufactures in the usual sense of this word. It is made by nature and contained in plants. Essential oil is extracted from different parts of plants, by pressing and then distilling the extracted material through water vapour. Aroma oil is classified as essential oil and is distinguished by its distinctive scent. It is also oilier and can leave greasy marks on objects.

Aromatic oils of natural and artificial origin


Aroma oils in the natural environment include, for example, lemon oil. If you crush the peel of this product, you can immediately smell it and it lingers for a long time.

However, aroma oils are not only natural, but also of artificial origin. They are prepared in laboratories by extracting the component that gives off the aroma and mixing it with pure vegetable oils, which are odourless. In the final stage of manufacture, the product is saturated with the chosen fragrance, a combination of different fragrances in varying proportions.

Many plants – around 80,000 – contain essential oils used to manufacture aroma oils but only 200 representatives of the flora are suitable for industrial manufacture. This is due to the fact that the desired product is highly volatile and quickly dissolves in the environment without residue, escaping from the tissues when they are destroyed mechanically. Thus the manufacture, extraction of essential oils from such plants is simply not possible, or is associated with huge financial costs, which are not recouped by the income from their sale.

The extraction of the scent from essential oils is carried out in specialised laboratories by chemical means. This process is complex and requires special equipment, skilled professionals and the necessary conditions. It all requires considerable investment and obtaining permits for such operations, certification of manufacture and products, because we are talking about a product, which will have an impact on people and cause certain emotions when used. For instance, a mild, delicate, pleasant scent may attract people. A harsh, heavy and discomfort-causing odour can be repulsive. But as they say tastes differ, and the same goes for fragrances, which is why there are so many of them in the form of various perfumes and cosmetic products.

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