Develop your own line of face cream together with CitaLieta

Face cream manufacturer

Face cream is a specialized cosmetic product that is particularly aimed at facial skin care.

In the case of ordering products made according to an individual prescription, you will receive good quality products for all types of skin. Face skin may differ - be tender, dry, or even sensitive. Sometimes face cream impacts do not take into account all those skin types nuances and thus are inefficient. In turn, skin care products made according to contract manufacturing are characterized by maximum efficiency and results.

In case you want to start developing and producing face creams under your own private label, you can start by contacting our company. As a face cream manufacturer, we are offering a broad selection of quality products. Our employees will create unique formulas, especially for you that will help to increase the level of trust among your customers and will help to make your company widely recognized.

You can order face creams in 50 ml plastic jars with a lid, as well it's possible to order products packed in aluminum tubes. Face creams from wholesaler manufacturers can be ordered by private individuals or companies. Selection of products include face creams:

  • Face cream against acne,
  • Anti-aging face cream,
  • Moisturizing face cream,
  • Nourishing face cream,
  • Softening face creams.

Our offer

We are producing face and skin care cosmetics under your private label. The design and coloristics of the packaging are chosen by you. We are creating face care products individually based on customers' preferences. Developing and production processes are overseen by our chemical engineers with extensive practical experience. During the process of manufacturing goods, we are using only high-quality raw materials. The modern equipment of our production facility allows us to produce any quantity of ordered goods.

By handling the process of face cream production for us, you could outsource all the processes to trustworthy professionals. Thus, extra costs will be reduced. Production costs for each customer are calculated individually because it is dependent on the number of ordered goods, urgency of project implementation, and raw materials used for production.

We are providing a spectrum of services - research and development, selection of raw materials, development of a concept, formulation of a recipe, research on possible textures, selection of packaging, designing, testing, and finally production.

If you have a question related to the product catalog do not hesitate to contact us!