Soap production from natural ingredients in Latvia

loofah soap

Soap production from natural ingredients is a popular way to make a business.

In comparison with commercially produced soap that usually contains chemical additives and synthetic flavours, loofah soap is produced from organic natural ingredients. Usually for soap production coconut, olive, or palm oils, as well as essential oils, plant extracts, and natural colourants are used. Sometimes soap consists of honey, oatmeal, and clay.

The soap creation process includes mixing of plant oils with an alkaline solution that creates a chemical reaction known as alkaline substitution. This chemical reaction turns oils into soap and glycerin. After this, all other components are added to create a desirable fragrance, texture, and colour for the soap. Natural soap is softer with moisturizing properties because of environmentally friendly ingredients. This type of production does not contain any chemicals that may pollute water or harm the environment.

Many people prefer to use natural soap because of its positive impact on the skin. It could help moisturize skin, remove inflammation and irritation, make skin softer, and protect it from any damage.

What is offered by CITA LIETA company

We are producing natural cosmetics for bath and body care. We are offering a full cycle of services including developing the product concept up to its production and delivery. Our company was founded in 2005 and now we are considered one of the most experienced cosmetics manufacturers in Latvia. Our team includes experienced professionals in the field of cosmetics chemistry, formula creation, manufacturing, packaging, delivery, and quality assessment.

We are fully focused on our client’s needs. We are ready to perform all necessary stages of the process - starting from product development up to its packaging and sending it to the customer. We do understand that a given field may be complicated for beginners especially that’s why we are trying to make this process as simple as possible for our clients. Our team is operating all around the clock to be able to find the most affordable solution for you and your product. Wholesale loofah soap may be ordered by anyone interested. We are offering an individual solution for every client that will be comparable with the requested service. Manufacturing prices are calculated for every client separately. To order soap production you need to follow the link HERE.