Further growth and increased turnover of cosmetics manufacturer Cita Lieta Ltd

SoapAt the beginning of 2020, the company continued to work on attracting new customers and developing new product formulas. However, in March, when the rapid spread of the Covid-19 took over the world, the company had to change its course of action. Several recipes for disinfectants were developed, all legal formalities were completed, and production facilities and equipment were adapted to the new situation. This required decisive and prompt action from both the company's management and the employees who needed to learn new skills in working with the new products and equipment.

Although the first wave of the Covid-19 caused a lot of confusion, the company did not slow down and was able to adapt to the novel situation and find creative solutions. Over the summer, after more than a year of product development and testing, a line of solid cosmetics was launched with nine products for hair, body and facial care. Given the growing demand for more environmentally and human-friendly cosmetics, this was one of the company's top priorities. Demand from customers for solid cosmetics is very high, so the company is currently actively working to increase capacity in the production of solid cosmetics.

Taking note of the rapidly growing philosophy, the company continues its work and moves towards the production of more environmentally and human-friendly cosmetics, as well as expands its already wide range of products with new cosmetics. The company is working to develop a line of organic cosmetics and address a rapidly growing global trend – body care cosmetics for men.

Path to company success

Although 2020 was a challenging year, the company does not plan to slow down. On the contrary, in this difficult time, the company sees a great opportunity to grow and develop, proving itself to be one of the largest cosmetics companies in Latvia. The company's goal in 2021 is to achieve a 34% increase in turnover, 4, 6 million, increase production capacity, create new jobs, as well as develop a virtual shopping platform.

Cosmetics manufacturing company Cita Lieta Ltd started its operation back in 2005 as a manufacturer of soap and bath bombs. Over time, as the customer base grew along with its needs, the company developed an extensive product line, including soaps, shower gels, bath, body and hair care products. The company's products can be found on store shelves in the European Union, Russia, and China.